Why stress about life’s challenges and circumstances, when you can just enjoy the many flavors that life brings. After all, STRESSED spelled backward is “DESSERTS”

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Kid Chef Dreams Academy

KID CHEF DREAMS club was started by Chef Ashalah Michelle to address the lack of community support for our youth in poverty-stricken homes.  In addition to her philanthropic work with Greater Giving Youth Services, Chef Ashalah decided that KID CHEF DREAMS would be a place that kids could learn to prepare foods if necessary, independently and safely. “It would be a place where kids that have dreams like me, could learn and grow to be passionate and driven to pursue their dreams.” Chef Ashalah and her mom infuse culinary literature, science, and math into the classes to define what they consider to be the basics of baking.  These baking sessions are scheduled locally one Saturday a month for a small fee. Each class’ proceeds help to afford one underprivileged child in the community the opportunity to participate in the next class free of charge.

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